Governance, Statehood, Security

The department "Governance, Statehood, Security" at the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) focuses upon the transformation, stability and performance of political orders. This area analyses governance processes and patterns of political conflict and embeds the resulting analysis into the context of international cooperation and development policy. The core competence of this research team consists in the theory-driven and methodological ambitious analysis of political processes from a political economy perspective. More concretely, the analysis focuses upon (1) external factors – particularly democracy promotion – which impact upon the transformation of state structures and political regimes, (2) the relation between political orders and inclusive economic development, (3) the origins and consequences of state failure and violent conflict, (4) public financial management and decentralisation processes. Beyond, the analysis of those topics explicitly relates to current debates on aid effectiveness and the evaluation of development policy. The researchers in this team have expertise in several developing regions, an enabling factor for inter-regional comparisons. Their know-how in development, foreign and security policy promotes communication between science, politics and practitioners in the field of development cooperation.

Governance, Evaluation and the Aid Effectiveness Debate

The institutional analysis of development policy as well as contributions to the aid effectiveness debate belongs to the core competences of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE). It is of particular relevance to...


State Fragility and Violent Conflict

Fragile states constitute an enormous challenge for major international tasks such as the reduction of global poverty, the management of global public goods – as for the establishment of democratic statehood. State fragility frequently comes along with...


Political Transformation and Democracy Promotion

The promotion of democracy has become an important area for most aid agencies and international organisations. Yet, the legitimacy of democracy promotion and its effectiveness are highly contested. Moreover, old and new autocracies in the Middle East and...


State capacity and Public Finance

From a normative perspective, capable states provide public services in accordance with societal preferences, they are able to mobilise the necessary resources to fulfill their functions, and they can be held accountable for their actions. The political and...


Current Publications

Political parties: weak point in the sustainability architecture

Kloke-Lesch, Adolf
The Current Column of 29 May 2017

The EU-South Africa strategic partnership: waning affection, persisting economic interests

Grimm, Sven / Christine Hackenesch
Externe Publikationen of 24 May 2017

Wie weiter mit den Wirtschaftspartnerschaftsabkommen? Gedanken zu einer vertieften EU-Afrika-Handelspartnerschaft

Brandi, Clara / Merran Hulse / Niels Keijzer
Analysen und Stellungnahmen 9/2017

Entwicklungspolitische Eckpunkte in turbulenten Zeiten: Anmerkungen im Wahljahr

Klingebiel, Stephan / Dirk Messner / Imme Scholz
Externe Publikationen of 22 May 2017