Drought challenges: policy options for developing countries

Mapedza, Everisto / Daniel Tsegai / Michael Brüntrup / Robert McLeman (eds.)
Books (2019)

(Current Directions in Water Scarcity Research 2), Amsterdam: Elsevier Science

ISBN: 978--012814-820-4

Drought Challenges: Livelihood Implications in Developing Countries, Volume Two, provides an understanding of the occurrence and impacts of droughts for developing countries and vulnerable sub-groups, such as women and pastoralists. It presents tools for assessing vulnerabilities, introduces individual policies to combat the effects of droughts, and highlights the importance of integrated multi-sectoral approaches and drought networks at various levels. Currently, there are few books on the market that address the growing need for knowledge on these cross-cutting issues. As drought can occur anywhere, the systemic connections between droughts and livelihoods are a key factor in development in many dryland and agriculturally-dependent nations.

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Brüntrup, Michael

Agricultural Economy


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Hornidge, Anna-Katharina

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