Industrial policy in developing countries: failing markets, weak states

Altenburg, Tilman / Wilfried Lütkenhorst
Books (2015)

Cheltenham: Elgar

ISBN: 978-1-78100-025-0

Industrial Policy in Developing Countries offers an in-depth assessment of both the potentials and perils of designing and implementing policy in countries at early stages of economic development. The range of insightful case studies illustrates the key dilemma: directing economic and social development through what are often incipient and weak institutions. This realistic, evidence-based assessment will appeal to both development researchers and industrial policy practitioners, particularly those working in developing countries.

About the authors

Altenburg, Tilman

Economic Geographer


Further experts

Olekseyuk, Zoryana


Schwab, Jakob


Berger, Axel

Political Scientist 

Brandi, Clara

Economist and Political Scientist 

Breuer, Anita

Political Scientist 

Stender, Frederik


Vrolijk, Kasper