Toolbox for multi-stakeholder climate partnerships: a policy framework to stimulate bottom-up climate actions - Study

Chan, Sander / Jakopo Bencini
Books (2018)

Brussels: European Economic and Social Committee

DOI: 978-92-830-4213-6

The aim of this study is to provide policy suggestions on bottom-up climate action in the European Union. The study draws its recommendations from a unique analysis which maps existing European-led multi-stakeholder initiatives that address climate change and identifies needs and challenges experienced by a range of stakeholders. The main question of this study is: “What does it take to accelerate non-state climate actions and to enhance effectiveness?”

The study proceeds with a survey-based analysis to indicate the most important needs and challenges as perceived by different types of non-state actors. Survey results indicate a need to go beyond ‘experience sharing’ practices to stimulate new and more effective climate actions. The study concludes with recommendations to address imbalanced representation of EU-led climate actions, and to meet urgent challenges through an innovative, collaborative, and institutionally light-touch policy framework.

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Chan, Sander

Enviroment Policy


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