Dr. Christoph Strupat

Function: Researcher

Specialization: Economist

Work areas:

  • Social Protection
  • Food security
  • Impact evaluation
  • Health economics

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Non-refereed Publications

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E-mail Christoph.Strupat@remove-this.die-gdi.de
Phone +49 (0)228 94927-187
Fax +49 (0)228 94927-130


Do targeted reproductive health services matter? The impact of a midwife program in Indonesia
Strupat, Christoph (2017)
in: Health Economics (online first) DOI: 10.1002/hec.3465


Impacts of a micro-enterprise clustering programme on firm performance in Ghana
Strupat, Christoph / Jörg Peters / Maximiliane Sievert (2015)
in: European Journal of Development Research 27 (1), 99-121


Television and contraceptive use: a weak signal?
Peters, Jörg / Christoph Strupat / Colin Vance (2014)
in: Journal of Development Studies 50 (11), 1538–1549