• The Energy Transition

The Energy transition

Germany has put the so called “Energiewende” high on its political agenda. But Germany is - like many other countries as well - not yet prepared adequately for such an energy transition. It requires more than putting up wind turbines and installing solar panels: it means developing and expanding green infrastructures, making substantial investments, inventing creative and innovative energy and information technologies as well as thinking of new mobility and urban development strategies.

The energy transformation is thus not only an economic but also a social commitment. Countries that will successfully show that competitiveness, employment and climate change are compatible, will become the global pioneers in the fight against climate change, and set an example for a sustainable energy supply. A goal that Germany also has in mind. Successful states will not only be guaranteed international attention, the formation of pioneering strategic alliances - especially with developing and emerging countries - is essential to accelerate the transition towards a low carbon world economy.

With this special the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) gives you an insight into its work on energy questions.