In the lead or in cooperation with key partner organisations, the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), helds numerous scientific and policy conferences and workshops every year. Events cover all topics of development policy and bring together researchers and practitioners of development cooperation to discuss and work out common solutions to global problems. In addition, DIE experts give (key) notes at national and international workshops and conferences on a regular base and participate in meetings with ministries and implementing agencies.

By organising and participating in events on current issues of development policy, DIE emphasises its core expertise in policy advice.

Upcoming Events

    From 28 to 30 October 2019, municipal practitioners from Sub-Sahara Africa, Latin America and Europe will meet at the... Read more

    Dialogue Forum
    MUPASS Dialogue Forum 2019
    Bonn, 28.10.2019 until 30.10.2019

Past events 2019

    The digital revolution has changed human interaction significantly since the launching of the first personal computer end... Read more

    Digital revolution
    Bonn, 16.10.2019

    Engagement Global, das Film Festival Cologne, MISEREOR, Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission, die Deutsche Welle Akademie und das... Read more

    Talk & Filmvorführung
    Global Day
    Köln, 15.10.2019

    Der Lenkungsausschuss von SDSN Germany vertritt mehrheitlich deutsche SDSN Mitgliederorganisationen und besteht aus bis zu... Read more

    10. Erweiterter Lenkungsausschuss von SDSN Germany (Gremiensitzung)
    Deutsche Europapolitik für die SDGs
    Berlin, 14.10.2019

    SDSN Germany veranstaltet im Rahmen des Global Goals Forums „Agenda 2030: Läuft uns die Zeit davon?“ einen von insgesamt... Read more

    Science and the SDGs
    Berlin, 10.10.2019

    Digitalization should be considered a transformative factor for tax systems worldwide. The use of ICT in economic... Read more

    Taxation and digitalization
    Bonn, 01.10.2019 until 02.10.2019

    The International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) provides a forum for academia, government, civil society, UN... Read more

    Parallel Panel Session
    MGG at ICSD
    New York, 24.09.2019

    In the wake of the Arabellion and the ‘Arab winter’, a new, peaceful order in Europe's neighbouring region is not yet... Read more

    Public Panel Debate
    Beyond reconstruction
    Berlin, 16.09.2019

    On 29-30 August 2019, DIE hosted the First Meeting of the Technical Expert Group on Comprehensive Risk Management (TEG-CRM)... Read more

    Expert meeting
    1st TEG-CRM Meeting
    Bonn, 29.08.2019

    Europa ist im 21. Jahrhundert politisch nach rechts gerückt. Parteien, die offen nationalistische und rechtspopulistische... Read more

    Bonner Impulse
    Bildung gegen rechts
    Bonn, 04.07.2019

    This event presented innovative findings from empirical research on forest conservation in Indonesia. It launched the... Read more

    Book launch and expert roundtable
    Telling the wood from the trees
    Bonn, 18.06.2019

    Mit den Wahlen zum Europäischen Parlament am 26.05.2019 sind Bürgerinnen und Bürger aufgefordert, auch über die Rolle... Read more

    Die EU als globaler Akteur
    Bonn, 11.04.2019

    In the face of the rising wave of populism, continued humanitarian crises and increased urgency for climate action, which... Read more

    Panel discussion
    Peace Project Europe!?
    Berlin, 09.04.2019

    Sorgen um den Bestand der Demokratie und liberaler Werte machen sich derzeit nicht nur in den Leitmedien, sondern auch in... Read more

    Informelles Fachgespräch
    Die Demokratie braucht Hilfe!
    Berlin, 04.04.2019

    The German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), the United Nations University... Read more

    Presentation and Discussion
    Art and Sustainability
    Bonn, 03.04.2019

    The G20 is struggling to provide strong support for global climate action and sustainable development. At the 2016 Hangzhou... Read more

    Expert Conference
    Fit for purpose?
    Berlin, 20.03.2019

    Der Lenkungsausschuss des SDSN Germany vertritt mehrheitlich deutsche SDSN Mitgliederorganisationen und besteht aus bis zu... Read more

    Gremiensitzung von SDSN Germany
    9. Erweiterter Lenkungsausschuss
    Berlin, 11.02.2019

Past events 2018

    Implementing ambitious climate policies – aimed at limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees – should not be perceived as only... Read more

    COP24 Side Event
    Pursuing 1.5 degrees
    Katowice, 12.12.2018

    Addressing global challenges by joint knowledge production is at the core of the dialogue, research and training programme... Read more

    MGG Alumni Conference
    MGG Alumni Conference Brazil
    Rio de Janeiro, 06.12.2018 until 07.12.2018

    Addressing global challenges by joint knowledge production is at the core of the dialogue, research and training programme... Read more

    MGG Alumni Conference
    MGG Alumni Conference China
    Beijing, 03.12.2018

    The Klimalog project of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) has been happy... Read more

    UN Climate Change Conference
    Klimalog @COP24
    Katowice, 02.12.2018 until 14.12.2018

    The G20 will meet at the end of 2018 for their annual summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In contrast to its early years,... Read more

    The G20 @ 10
    Bonn, 23.10.2018 until 24.10.2018

    Die jährliche deutsche SDSN-Versammlung hat sich an Vertreterinnen und Vertreter von Mitglieds- und Partnerorganisationen... Read more

    Mitglieder -und Partnerversammlung
    5. Deutsche SDSN-Versammlung
    Bonn, 16.10.2018

    The conference is organised within the ‘Managing Global Governance’ (MGG) programme of the German Development Institute /... Read more

    MGG Partner and Planning Conference
    Global Cooperation for the Agenda 2030
    Brussels, 03.10.2018 until 05.10.2018

    On 26-27 September 2018, practitioners and academics met at the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für... Read more

    Building Sustainable Peace
    Bonn, 26.09.2018 until 27.09.2018

    Foreign aid is about charity. International development is about technical fixes. At least that is what we, as donor... Read more

    Book Presentation / Panel Discussion
    Why we lie about aid
    Bonn, 17.09.2018

    PANELS OF THE T20 AFRICA STANDING GROUP (TASK FORCE “COOPERATION WITH AFRICA”)Panel I: Why G20 – Africa cooperation matters... Read more

    T20 Summit Argentina 2018
    Buenos Aires, 16.09.2018 until 18.09.2018

    Fulfilling its goal of contributing to transformative change at the global and domestic level, the ‘Managing Global... Read more

    MGG Conference in New Delhi
    New Delhi, 15.09.2018 until 19.09.2018

    The event main objective was to share and amplify the results of researching on Latin American and Caribbean (LAC)... Read more

    Affiliated event Global Climate Action Summit
    Latin American Non-State Actors
    San Francisco, 13.09.2018

    Panel 1: 14h-15.30h New Global Leadership in the Climate Regime without the U.S. Federal Government The climate regime... Read more

    Affiliated event Global Climate Action Summit
    New Climate Leadership
    San Francisco, 13.09.2018

    The Managing Global Governance (MGG) Academy is on its 16th round with a new group of young enthusiastic professionals... Read more

    Welcome event
    MGG Global Village
    Bonn, 16.08.2018

    Social cohesion is an indispensable precondition for sustainable development everywhere. At the same time, it is associated... Read more

    Social Cohesion in Africa
    09.07.2018 until 10.07.2018

    The German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) supports the review progress towards... Read more

    United Nations High-level Political Forum
    DIE @HLPF 2018
    New York, 09.07.2018 until 19.07.2018

    In April 2018 the LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development has published its report “Escaping the... Read more

    Discussion Forum
    Escaping the fragility trap
    Bonn, 06.07.2018

    WE EXIST! hat eine Erzählstruktur, die sich vom üblichen Journalismus unterscheidet: Er nimmt den Zuschauer an die Hand und... Read more

    We exist!
    Bonn, 03.07.2018

    The policy research workshop explored the economic and social implications of emerging trends in new digital production... Read more

    Industry 4.0
    Bonn, 28.05.2018 until 29.05.2018

    Unter dem Titel „Was rät uns die Zukunft? Herausforderungen für politisches Handeln aus Sicht wissenschaftlicher Beiräte... Read more

    Was rät uns die Zukunft?
    Berlin, 23.05.2018

    The Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST) and the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für... Read more

    Expert Workshop
    The Way Forward
    New York, 23.05.2018

    Willkommen auf dem Klimagipfel zur Rettung der Erde: In nur elf Tagen sollen sich 20.000 Vertreter aus 195 Ländern in Paris... Read more

    Guardians of the Earth
    Bonn, 23.05.2018

    2018 launches an international effort to enhance climate action and ambition by 2020, the first “ratchet” since the Paris... Read more

    Breakfast event
    Step up together
    Bonn, 07.05.2018

    The German Development Institute/Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) is collaborating with researchers from... Read more

    The Tipping Point Negotiations
    Bonn, 03.05.2018 until 04.05.2018

    With the Klimalog the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) promotes awareness... Read more

    Official SB48 Side Event
    Klimalog Booth
    Bonn, 30.04.2018 until 05.05.2018

    The Klimalog project of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) is happy to... Read more

    SB 48 Side Events
    Klimalog @SB48
    Bonn, 30.04.2018 until 10.05.2018

    The EDP network is a collaborative project of six partner institutions: the two Leibniz institutes Peace Research Institute... Read more

    Bi-Annual Meeting
    Bonn, 26.04.2018 until 27.04.2018

    Initiated by the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), the Managing Global... Read more

    Annual Meeting
    T20 Africa Standing Group
    Addis Abeba, 14.04.2018 until 15.04.2018

    Addressing global challenges by joint knowledge production are at the core of the dialogue, research and training programme... Read more

    MGG Alumni Conference India
    New-Delhi, 12.04.2018 until 13.04.2018

    Leider musste die geplante Veranstaltung kurzfristig aufgrund einer Krankheitswelle entfallen. Wir bemühen uns, gemeinsam... Read more

    Klima-Frühstück in der bpb
    Bonn, 27.02.2018

    One of the key features of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the relevance of domestic policy and performance... Read more

    3rd German Future Earth Summit
    From Knowledge to Action
    Berlin, 08.02.2018 until 09.02.2018

    The World in 2050 (TWI2050) seeks to frame the solution space for sustainable development pathways, based on... Read more

    Internal Workshop
    The world in 2050
    Bonn, 29.01.2018 until 30.01.2018

    Am 18. und 19.01.2018 fand am Deutschen Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) das Jahrestreffen des Netzwerks „Neue... Read more

    New Institutional Economics (NIÖ) Network Meeting
    Governing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
    Bonn, 18.01.2018 until 19.01.2018

Past events 2017

    Das Bonn Symposium 2017 wird sich mit lokalen Partnerschaften zur Umsetzung der SDGs beschäftigen. Was sind gute Beispiele... Read more

    Bonn Symposium 2017
    Lokale Partnerschaften
    Bonn, 05.12.2017 until 06.12.2017

    The increasing prominence of growing inequality around the world has intensified the interest in global tax fairness. In... Read more

    Global tax fairness
    Bonn, 29.11.2017 until 01.12.2017

    Mark your calendar for this first in a series of upcoming opportunities to exchange lessons and discuss good practice in... Read more

    Informal Exchange with Researchers
    Towards a shared understanding
    Paris, 24.11.2017

    The MGG network celebrated its 10th anniversary with a global alumni conference on “Global Justice and Social Cohesion: Key... Read more

    MGG Alumni Conference
    Key challenges of the 2030 Agenda
    Bonn, 19.11.2017 until 22.11.2017

    This year's COP23 LESC was a bit different as we invited innovators and decision-makers to join us for an evening dialog.... Read more

    Low-Emissions Solutions
    Bonn, 13.11.2017

    During the middle weekend of COP 23, the annual Development & Climate Days took place from 11-12 November 2017. The German... Read more

    Development and Climate Days
    Bonn, 11.11.2017 until 12.11.2017

    The international Climate Change Conference 2017, under the presidency of Fiji, was held in Bonn from 6 to 17 November... Read more

    Side events and conferences
    Bonn, 04.11.2017 until 17.11.2017

    Die jährliche deutsche SDSN-Versammlung richtet sich an Vertreterinnen und Vertreter von Mitglieds- und... Read more

    Mitglieder- und Partnerversammlung
    4. Deutsche SDSN-Versammlung
    Berlin, 26.10.2017

    The interplay between trade and the environment is one of the most puzzling institutional interactions at the international... Read more

    Trade and the Environment
    Bonn, 29.09.2017 until 30.09.2017

    Die deutsche Entwicklungspolitik geht voran und investiert – über die eigentlichen Pläne hinaus. Umgerechnet 300 Mio. Euro... Read more

    Noch ein Marshallplan?
    Bonn, 14.09.2017

    The high-level dialogue addresses interconnections between sustainable development and climate action, particularly between... Read more

    High-level dialogue
    What possible synergies?
    Bonn, 12.09.2017

    Geht wirtschaftliches Wachstum immer zu Lasten der Umwelt und der natürlichen Ressourcen? Oder gelingt es, die... Read more

    Umweltschutz und Wachstum
    Berlin, 11.09.2017

    The Managing Global Governance (MGG) Academy is on its 15th round with a new group of young enthusiastic professionals... Read more

    Global Village
    MGG Academy Welcome Event

    More than 60 SDSN Leadership Council members and representatives from around 20 national and regional SDSN networks came... Read more

    Frühjahrstreffen Leadership Council
    SDSN Leadership Council
    Berlin, 13.07.2017

    The Group of Twenty (G20) is an international forum that brings together the world’s leading industrialised and emerging... Read more

    Think 20 Summit
    Global Solutions
    29.05.2017 until 31.05.2017

    The second High-level Meeting (HLM2) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) in Nairobi in... Read more

    Informal Discussion
    GPEDC: Where do we stand?
    Berlin, 28.05.2017

    - Formerly known as One Agenda Conference - Interconnections between the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the... Read more

    Bonn, 12.05.2017 until 13.05.2017

    COP 17 in Durban requested SBSTA to discuss “issues related to agriculture” as agenda item to inform the negotiations. So... Read more

    SBSTA 46 Side Event
    Agriculture & Climate Change
    Bonn, 11.05.2017

    While the multilateral system celebrated two of its greatest successes in 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement and the 2030... Read more

    Panel discussion
    Crisis of Multilateralism?
    Berlin, 28.03.2017

    Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and nationalist movements in Europe: The international system is facing serious... Read more

    Roundtable Discussion
    World in Turmoil
    Bonn, 22.03.2017

    Trade rules and environmental protection, and sustainable development more broadly, should be made mutually supportive. In... Read more

    Roundtable Discussion
    New Potentials, New Pitfalls?
    Bonn, 16.03.2017

    Africa has shown strong commitment towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. With the Agenda 2063 the AU has... Read more

    T20 Africa Conference
    Africa and the G20
    Johannesburg, 01.02.2017 until 03.02.2017

Past events 2016

    On 1 December Germany officially takes over the G20 Presidency from China. With the beginning of Germany's G20 Presidency... Read more

    T20 Kick-Off
    Berlin, 01.12.2016 until 02.12.2016

    29 November 2016, 09:00 -13:00, Hilton Hotel NairobiWorkshop: Efforts and Accountability for Development Cooperation under... Read more

    GPEDC Side Events
    DIE at GPEDC
    Nairobi, 28.11.2016 until 01.12.2016

    Extremists of any shape are again at the centre of attention. Radicalization undermines the cultural conditions for... Read more

    Public Lecture
    Ethnopluralism / New Right
    Essen, 22.11.2016

    Citizenship has been one of the central idea(l)s of modern political thought. By combining rights, membership in a... Read more

    The End of Citizenship
    Duisburg, 21.11.2016

    One week after the 2016 US presidential elections we discussed the impact of the election outcome on global sustainability,... Read more

    Round Table Discussion
    After the US 2016 elections
    Bonn, 15.11.2016

    7 November 2016, 15:00-16:30, Green ZoneThe potential of private sector adaptation – a focus on AfricaOrganized by: Pieter... Read more

    Cop22 Side Events
    Marrakesh, 07.11.2016 until 18.11.2016

    Am 3. November 2016 kamen in Potsdam rund 80 Verantwortliche der Mitglieds- und Partnerorganisationen von SDSN Germany... Read more

    Mitglieder- und Partnerversammlung
    3. Deutsche SDSN-Versammlung
    Potsdam, 03.11.2016

    On 24 and 25 November 2016 this year’s Bonn Symposium took place. On the basis of practical examples, opportunities for... Read more

    Bonn Symposium 2016
    Leave no one behind
    Bonn, 24.10.2016 until 25.10.2016

    Habitat III Side Events Migrants and refugees in urban areas: Lessons from Germany and internationallyOrganisers: German... Read more

    Habitat III Side Events
    Klimalog at UN Habitat III
    Quito, 17.10.2016 until 20.10.2016

    Bereits heute lebt mehr als die Hälfte der Weltbevölkerung in Städten. Moderne Städte sind für drei Viertel des jährlichen... Read more

    Save the World III
    Städte der Zukunft
    Bonn, 11.10.2016

    Einen Tag vor dem ZUKUNFTSKONGRESS "Unsere Welt 2030 - Aus der Zukunft lernen!" in München fand unter dem gleichen Motto... Read more

    Science Lab
    Unsere Welt 2030
    München, 14.09.2016

    The conference for DIE alumni (former postgraduates and staff members) took place under the heading "Challenges and... Read more

    Postgrad Alumni Workshop
    Bonn, 09.09.2016

    The panelists presented empirical evidence on South-South cooperation (SSC) from their respective countries and related it... Read more

    UN DCF Side Event
    Principles of SSC and TOSSD
    New York, 22.07.2016

    Was wissen wir über Algerien? Irgendwie ist uns das Land in Nordafrika sehr fern. In unseren Medien finden sich kaum... Read more

    Unser Nachbar Algerien
    Bonn, 28.06.2016

    The climate conference in Paris has been hailed as a milestone in international climate cooperation. For the first time,... Read more

    Global Media Forum
    Decarbonizing power
    Bonn, 15.06.2016

    Cities will play a major role in realising the international community's climate and development goals. Already, they are... Read more

    Deutsches Habitat Forum
    Urban Solutions
    Berlin, 01.06.2016 until 02.06.2016

    We are moving towards a more fragmented, domestically driven climate policy architecture under the Paris Agreement, in... Read more

    Border Carbon Adjustments
    Bonn, 25.05.2016

    The workshop kicked off with an introduction to the idea of Loss and Damage in the context of the UNFCCC and set the stage... Read more

    Financing Loss and Damage
    Bonn, 17.05.2016

    Forschung, Klima, Film - wie passt das zusammen? Am Deutschen Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) erhielten Mädchen beim... Read more

    Girls' Day
    Ein Tag am DIE
    Bonn, 28.04.2016

    The workshop explored the socio-economic implications of global technological megatrends and the key principles and best... Read more

    Disruptive Structural Change
    Bonn, 26.04.2016 until 27.04.2016

    In der Reihe von T20-Veranstaltungen zur chinesischen G20-Präsidentschaft war das Deutsche Institut für Entwicklungspolitik... Read more

    T20 Conference
    China G20 Presidency
    Washington, DC, 13.04.2016

    Addressing global challenges by joint knowledge production are at the core of the dialogue, research and training programme... Read more

    MGG Alumni Meeting India
    MGG Alumni Meeting India
    New Delhi, 04.04.2016

    Das Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW) und das Deutsche Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)  sind seit der türkischen... Read more

    Think 20-Prozess
    Berlin, 30.03.2016

    Der Islamische Staat (IS) hat strategisch bedeutsame Wasserressourcen und weite Teile der Wasserinfrastruktur in Syrien und... Read more

    Bonn Water Lecture
    Wasser als Waffe des IS
    Bonn, 02.03.2016

    Since 2007 the programme Managing Global Governance as part of the German Development Institute organizes a platform for... Read more

    MGG Alumni meeting
    MGG Alumni meeting Mexico
    Mexico City, 02.03.2016

    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides a comprehensive response to pressing global challenges: 17 Sustainable... Read more

    MGG Alumni Meeting Indonesia
    MGG Alumni Meeting Indonesia
    Jakarta, 02.03.2016

    Since 2007 the programme Managing Global Governance as part of the German Development Institute organizes a platform for... Read more

    MGG Alumni meeting
    MGG Alumni meeting Brazil
    Brasilia, 24.02.2016

    Am 27. Januar 2016 wurde der neue Global Go To Think Tank Report 2015 des Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP)... Read more

    Why do Think Tanks Matter?
    Berlin, 27.01.2016

    Mit der UN-Klimakonferenz in Paris ist es gelungen, die internationale Klimapolitik ab 2020 auf ein neues Fundament zu... Read more

    Ergebnisse der COP21
    Berlin, 18.01.2016