2nd bi-annual conference on G20 research - Accountability and inclusiveness in G20 club governance: the role of transnational actors

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Cape Town, 21.05.2020 until 22.05.2020


German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) and the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)

The G20 has always struggled with the question of legitimacy, as it is operating outside of the traditional pillars of formal institutional architectures. In contrast to formal international institutions the G20 lacks a clear mandate, operational principles and coherent reporting structures. The group is under much criticism for the grinding down of group adhesion, exacerbated by the lack of binding rules, within the ten years after the 2008 crisis. Furthermore, civil-society groups and academia point to the lack of accountability of the G20 countries vis-à-vis their citizens as well as countries and societies outside the elite club. At the same time, and as a reaction to this criticism, the G20 is increasingly engaging with transnational actors understood as non-nation state actors, thus including civil society, business, and academia engaging in cooperation across borders.

The conference aims at exploring the relationship between the G20 and transnational actors. Within the focus of the conference are the driving forces of increased transnational engagement, the nature of the relationship, the internal organisation structure of the various transnational actors as well as their interrelations and last but not the least the impact these and other outreach groups have on G20 deliberations and subsequent implementation of decisions.

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21.05.2020 until 22.05.2020


Cape Town


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