REDD and Beyond: International and Indigenous Strategies in Forest Protection

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Side Event UNFCCC COP 20

Lima, 04.12.2014


German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)

REDD+, PES and private forest finance gained importance in Latin America over the last years. But how effective are these various instruments with regard to forest protection? How socially inclusive are they with respect to indigenous communities and other vulnerable forest users? And how fair are the proposed benefit-sharing mechanisms?

Experts and stakeholders addressed these questions for a series of incentive-based and financial instruments. Apart from REDD, these included conditional cash transfers for protection of indigenous territories (SocioBosque in Ecuador, Programa Bosques in Peru), forest investment schemes, and social environmental safeguards for forest protection.


Presentations by the following speakers:

  • Fariborz Zelli, Lund University
  • Maria Pia Moreno, GIZ Peru
  • Lucas Dourojeanni, Peruvian Ministry of the Environment
  • Alberto Pizango, AIDESEP / Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest
  • Tobias Dan Nielsen, Lund University
  • Linda Rohnstock, OroVerde - Tropical Forest Foundation
  • Thomas Brose, Climate Alliance
  • Jonas Hein, German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) and Hannes Hotz, GGGI


  • Andreas Kress, Climate Alliance and Fariborz Zelli, Lund University


  • Elke Falley-Rothkopf (Spanish-English)

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04.12.2014 / 17:45 - 19:15


COP 20 in Lima, Room Caral (130)