Latin American Non-State Actors: Raising the Ambition

Event Type
Affiliated event Global Climate Action Summit

San Francisco, 13.09.2018

Climate Action Network (CAN and CAN-LA), Fundación Avina, German Development Institute/Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)

The event main objective is to share and amplify the results of researching on Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Non-State Actors (NSA) networks, as well as discussing on their contributions to the Paris Agreement, based on the Talanoa Dialogue guiding questions. More specifically the event will

  1. Showcase an array of climate actions being taken by different NSA networks in LAC, emphasizing their contributions to NDC's enhancement and its potential for raising ambition
  2. Discuss elements that could facilitate and reduce obstacles for boosting LAC NSA climate actions

Through this affiliate event, we are aiming:

  • showcase the results of a research effort to identify LAC NSA networks and its main climate actions
  • discuss elements that could facilitate and reduce obstacles for LAC NSA´s climate actions
  • demonstrate the potential of LAC NSA actions for enhance and increase NDCs
  • highlight that participation of all sectors of society is essential for climate decarbonization and needed transformation
  • foster joint-up action to push forward the ambition of national climate agendas.

For it a map LAC NSA's networks and coalitions in climate action will be presented, including information such as sectors, main climate focus and its visions. Likewise, draft version of a guide for Talanoa LAC NSA´s submissions containing information gathered by interviews and survey will be discuss, with the aim to fine-tune it and help to to boost and enhance NDC implementation in the region.

A small breakfast will be offered to participants. The event will be held mostly in spanish, but translation will be available. Please register via the link on the right in order to receive the material that will be discussed in advance.

Event information

Date / h
13.09.2018 / 08:30 - 11:30


Tenderloin Museum
398 Eddy Street
San Francisco

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