• Knowledge Cooperation

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Knowledge Cooperation

Knowledge cooperation is becoming increasingly important, especially in the context of 2030 Agenda. The cluster has a particular interest in the role of transnational knowledge actors and knowledge communities in researching and shaping global change. For example, how can new platforms be used in teaching and knowledge diffusion to contribute to achieving the 2030 Agenda? This includes formulating practical recommendations for a global policy of the common good in transnational networks too, such as the Managing Global Governance (MGG) programme at the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE). The conditions for successful transformative research are also examined. This involves conceptually addressing the role of think tanks in a German and international context, as well as sharing experiences of different platforms with partner institutions around the world.

The research programme as a whole and the knowledge cooperation cluster in particular benefit in a unique way from DIE’s training platforms. As a knowledge institution, DIE is also an applied research institute and development policy actor for this topic.