• Migration and Sustainable Development

    Image: Alexandr Blinov / Fotolia

Migration and Sustainable Development

Migration is increasingly gaining importance and profile in international development policy. The discussions on the nexus between migration and development strongly focus on the relevance and potential of financial remittances from migrants to emerging and developing countries. The total amount of these remittances soon will pass the mark of 500 billion US$; which is a significantly higher than the total volume of international development cooperation. Although these transfers are of an essentially economic value in the receiving countries, a purely functionalist perception of migration and development would be inadequate. The debate about the relations between migration and development can only meet the standards of a comprehensive concept of sustainable development, if it also integrates aspects such as the legal situation of migrants, the effects of climate change on human mobility and internal migration for rural development and food security. In this special, the German Development Institute/ Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) presents its recent work on migration and sustainable development.