Agents and implications of foreign land deals in East African community

Osabuohien, Evans S. / Ciliaka M. W. Gitau / Uchenna R Efobi / Michael Brüntrup
External Publications (2015)

in: Evans S. Osabuohien (ed.), Handbook of research on in-country determinants and implications of foreign land acquisitions, Hershey: IGI Global, 263-286

ISBN: 978-1-46667-405-9

Some of the factors that have been attributed to the global increase of Foreign Land Deals-FLDs include the three Fs (food, fuel and finance) crises, and among others. The severity and extent of the impacts vary across countries. However, most of the empirical evidences stem from the assessment of a broad set of countries. An analysis on the main determinants across host communities within a country presents specificity and closer reality. The present study makes contribution in this respect by examining the community factors that could exert significant influence on determining whether or not a community receives FLDs in East African Community (EAC), focusing on Uganda. Uganda presents an interesting case to investigate because the country is one of the significant destinations of FLDs in EAC apart from Kenya and Tanzania. Taking one step further, the study investigates the possible implications of FLDs on the host communities in terms of improvement (or deterioration) on selected community outcome variables: the quality and services relating to education, road, water and health facilities. The findings and recommendations are underscored in the study.

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