Context specific and yet transferable? A reflection on knowledge-sharing in the field of adaptation to climate change

Horstmann, Britta
External Publications (2014)

in: Andrea Prutsch / Torsten Grothmann / Sabine McCallum / Inke Schauser / Rob Swart (eds), Climate change adaptation manual: lessons learned from European and other industrialized countries, London, New York: Routledge-Earthscan, 326-332

ISBN: 978-0-41563-040-5

One of the core research findings is that adaptation to climate change is a context specific and place-based process. If to that effect, knowledge on adaptation processes is also context specific, to what extent is climate change adaptation knowledge from one country at all relevant for other countries and contexts? Are there, from a theoretical point of view, characteristics and success factors of adaptation processes? And if so, what does the theoretical knowledge about adaptation processes imply for the design of useful knowledge sharing and support? The article briefly analyses these questions and provides recommendations for knowledge sharing and support from a theoretical perspective of adaptation processes.

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Horstmann, Britta



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