Drought cycle management for building resilience and food security

Tsegai, Daniel / Michael Brüntrup
Externe Publikationen (2017)

in: Rural 21 51 (4), 29-31


With global climate change progressing rapidly, droughts are predicted to increase in frequency, duration and severity. To combat the impacts, adequate vulnerability assessments, early warning-systems, and efficient disaster relief must be combined with the long-term investment in drought mitigation and adaptation. In the following article, our authors describe what such drought cycle management could look like.

About the author

Brüntrup, Michael

Agricultural Economist


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Aleksandrova, Mariya

Climate risk governance 

Bauer, Steffen

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Brandi, Clara

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Chan, Sander

Enviroment Policy 

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Fuhrmann, Hanna


Hägele, Ramona

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Iacobuta, Gabriela

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Kuhn, Sascha

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Malerba, Daniele


Mathis, Okka Lou

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Rodríguez de Francisco, Jean Carlo

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