Fostering sustainable global growth through green finance: what role for the G20?

Kathrin Berensmann / Ulrich Volz / Céline Bak / Amar Bhattacharya / Tian Huifang / Gerd Leipold / Lawrence MacDonald / Hannah Schindler / Isabella Alloisio / Qingqing Yang
Externe Publikationen (2017)

published on G20 Insights


For a 2°C compatible pathway, the G20 countries face an enormous investment gap. However, public spending will not suffice to finance the green transformation. In fact, a significant amount of private investment is required. It is therefore important to align the financial system – banking, capital markets and insurance – with sustainable development. To increase green investments and align financial markets with sustainable development, the G20 should 1) promote the standardization of green finance practices, 2) enhance the transparency of information by promoting disclosure standards for carbon and environmental risks; 3) support market development for green investments at a global level; and 4) support developing countries in developing and implementing national sustainable finance roadmaps.

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