Global environmental governance from a North-South perspective

Fues, Thomas / Dirk Messner / Imme Scholz
Externe Publikationen (2005)

in: Andreas Rechkemmer (Hrsg.), UNEO - towards an international environment organization: approaches to a sustainable reform of global environmental governance, Baden-Baden: Nomos Verl.-Ges., 242-264

ISBN: 9783789087097

About the authors

Fues, Thomas


Thomas Fues

Messner, Dirk

Political Scientist

Dirk Messner

Scholz, Imme


Imme Scholz

Further experts

Breuer, Anita

Political Scientist 

Dombrowsky, Ines


Haldenwang, Christian von

Political Scientist 

Horstmann, Britta


Houdret, Annabelle

Political Scientist 

Koch, Svea

Social Scientist 

Leininger, Julia

Political Scientist 

Mehl, Regine

Political Scientist 

Pauw, Pieter

Environment Scientist 


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