Human migration in the era of climate change

Cattaneo, Cristina / Michel Beine / Christiane J. Fröhlich / Dominic Kniveton / Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso / Marina Mastrorillo / Katrin Millock / Etienne Piguet / Benjamin Schraven
External Publications (2019)

Washington DC: Resources for the Future (Resources for the Future Working Paper Series 13/2019)


Human mobility is one response to climatic stress and shocks. In this synthesis article, we review the recent literature on the effects of climate change on human mobility within various disciplines. We explore key features of the interplay between climate change and migration, distinguishing between fast onset and slow onset climatic events, while taking into consideration causes of heterogeneity in migratory responses. Moreover, we shed light on the underlying mechanisms behind the nexus as well as the interplay between different means of adaptation. Based on our review, we identify gaps in the literature and present some general policy recommendations and priorities for research on climate-induced migration.

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Schraven, Benjamin

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