Il ruolo delle organizzazioni africane nella gestione dei fenomeni migratori

Dick, Eva
Externe Publikationen (2019)

published on Istituto per gli studi di politica internazionale (ISPI) 15 luglio 2019


Since the peak of the European refugee crisis in the summer of 2015, the ‘management’ of migration and refugee flows between Africa and Europe is high on academic and policy agendas. This comment discusses the role of African regional organisations in the governance of migration and also reflecting on the role of European migration policies and initiatives.

About the author

Dick, Eva

Sociologist and Spatial Planner


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Nowack, Daniel

Political Scientist 

Olekseyuk, Zoryana


Vogel, Johanna

International Cultural Economist 

Volz, Ulrich


Wehrmann, Dorothea


Schraven, Benjamin

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Trautner, Bernhard

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Kuhnt, Jana

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