Large scale land acquisitions - challenges, conflicts and partial solutions in an agro-investment lifecycle perspective

Bruentrup, Michael
External Publications (2014)

in: Ian Christoplos / Adam Pain (eds), New challenges to food security: from climate change to fragile states, Abingdon: Routledge, 85-108

ISBN: 978-0-41582-255-8

Despite all critics and recent receding, there are global trends which make large scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) likely to continue to create pressure on land in poor countries. To do justice to their assessment, not only the acquisitions - often problematic under weak land governance systems - but also later investments and the exploitation phase must be taken into account, as well as possible project failure. For this lifecycle perspective evidence is found that for some niches in the long term LSLAs are often successful and provide dearly needed rural employment, incomes and other benefits. However, more risks emerge as well. Conclusions for better handling of LSLAs and investments are made.

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Brüntrup, Michael

Agricultural Economy


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