Learning through collaboration: knowledge sharing and development in climate change adaptation research between European and developing countries

Swart, Rob / Johann Alberth / Birgit Kuna / Marianne Lillieskold / Marketa Hanzlickova / Britta Horstmann / Anna Rovisco
External Publications (2014)

Univ. Lisbon: Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences (CIRCLE-2)


Knowledge generated by adaptation research investments in Europe is potentially useful for developing countries, yet knowledge sharing and development focusing on climate change adaptation is currently not yet high on the agenda of European national research funders and researchers, like those represented in CIRCLE-2 (Climate Impact Research & Response Coordination for a Larger Europe ) and the Joint Programming Initiative Climate.
The policy suggests a set of benchmarks or good practice principles for CIRCLE-2 partner programmes and other research funding and managing institutions. Possible project and programme design options are proposed that facilitate and promote knowledge sharing between industrialized and developing countries in the area of climate change adaptation research.

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