Lessons for successful green industrial policy

Pegels, Anna
Externe Publikationen (2014)

in: Anna Pegels, Green industrial policy in emerging countries, London: Routledge, 179-186

ISBN: 978-0-415-87067-2

‘Lessons for successful green industrial policy’ is the concluding chapter of ‘Green industrial policy in emerging countries’ (Pegels (ed.) 2014, Routledge). From the application of the theoretical framework to four country cases we draw some central lessons to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of green industrial policies. In particular, governments may

  • include competitive elements wherever possible, without overlooking the added risk to project developers and investors

  • learn from other countries, but avoid blueprints and choose their international peers according to their national circumstances,
  • allow for policy-learning and adjustments, while maintaining investment certainty in politically created markets,
  • facilitate societal consensus on the allocation of costs and benefits of green industrial policy,
  • build reform coalitions, for example by keeping benefits local, while complying with such international rules as those agreed in the World Trade Organization.

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