Making global health governance work: recommendations for how to respond to Ebola

Bindenagel Šehović, Annamarie / Stephan Klingebiel
External Publications (2017)

in: James D. Bindenagel / Matthias Herdegen / Karl Kaiser (eds.) et al., International security in the 21st century: Germany’s international responsibility, Göttingen: V&R Unipr., 171-179

ISBN: 978-3-84710-762-0

The Ebola pandemic is a crisis of global proportion and of global concern. It is locally concentrated and requires responses on a local scale with a global scope. Its projected trajectory is the subject of volatile predictions, confused communication, imperilled responses and, increasingly, panic. It is at once a health crisis, with severe economic repercussions, and a threat to peace and security, espe­cially in the region and even beyond.

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