Many Pipers, Many Tunes? Die Legitimationskommunikation internationaler Organisationen in komplexen Umwelten

Dingwerth, Klaus / Ina Lehmann / Ellen Reichel / Tobias Weise / Antonia Witt
External Publications (2015)

in: Eugenia da Conceição-Heldt / Martin Koch / Andrea Liese (Hrsg.), Internationale Organisationen, Politische Jahresschrift 49 (Sonderheft)

ISBN: 978-3-8487-0484-2

International organizations are confronted with an increasingly heterogeneous audience vis-à-vis which they have to legitimate themselves if they want to gain and maintain ac­ceptance for their activities. By examining the IAEA, the UNHCR, the IUCN and OAU and its successor, the AU, we show how the legitimating constituency of the respective organi­zation has widened, in how far this has led to a diversification of the demands on the re­spective organization and how the organizations have reacted to that. We find a general trend towards a more diversified audience-tailored form of communication. In contrast, each organization adopts its own content-specific reaction to the new demands.

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Lehmann, Ina

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