Polderen met bedrijven, milieu wordt daar heus niet beter van

Pauw, Pieter / Sander Chan
Externe Publikationen (2014)

in: NRC Handelsblad 16. Dezember 2014


During the recent UN Climate Summit in Lima, its president launched NAZCA – the Non-state Actor Zone for Climate Action.  It followed a call by UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon in September for businesses and other non-state actors to develop and implement concrete action for sustainable development. In the eleventh hour to prevent dangerous climate change, we need all hands on deck. Indeed, the actions under NAZCA could be important drivers of national ambition and a strong Paris agreement. However, experience shows that a portal by itself does not guarantee higher non-state and subnational ambition on the long-term. In this op-ed Pieter Pauw and Sander Chan argue that the Netherlands – as one of the main proponents of NAZCA – can set an example for the rest of the world by insisting on stricter criteria upon participation in the NAZCA.

About the authors

Pauw, Pieter

Environment Scientist


Chan, Sander

Enviroment Policy


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Grabert, Margarita

Environmental Economics 

Mathis, Okka Lou

Political Scientist 

Nowack, Daniel

Political Scientist 

Yu, Lu

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Baumann, Max-Otto

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Malerba, Daniele


Dick, Eva

Sociologist and Spatial Planner 

El-Haddad, Amirah


Fuhrmann, Hanna


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Kaplan, Lennart


Aleksandrova, Mariya

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