The 2030 Agenda – an opportunity for strengthening international cooperation

Messner, Dirk / Imme Scholz
Externe Publikationen (2015)

(KfW Development Research: Views on Development 2, 17 September 2015)


In  September  2015,  the  United  Nations  will adopt  a  new  agenda  for  sustainable  development,  which  is  to  be  implemented  by  2030 (the  "2030  Agenda").  At  its  core  are  17  sustainable   development   goals   (SDGs).   What makes  this  Agenda  unique  is  the  fact  that  it directly links steps to overcome poverty and to improve human well-being with environmental protection,  and  that  these  goals  are  to  be binding on all countries rather than, as before, merely seeking to show the poor countries the way  to  a  better  future.  At  the  same  time,  it  is the  result  of  an  eighteen-month  negotiation process  in  New  York,  in  which  around  70 government representatives participated.

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Messner, Dirk

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Scholz, Imme



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