Deauville partnership MENA transition fund: priorities for the German G7 presidency in 2015

Furness, Mark
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The MENA region is experiencing fundamental socio-political turmoil with the potential to create localised, regional and global crises for decades to come. Outcomes are uncertain but are likely to include a major re-structuring of state-society relations in the countries of the Arab world. In late 2011, the G8 launched the Deauville Partnership to provide the region and its peoples with sustained international support in coping with these epoch-defining changes. The MENA Transition Fund is the Deauville Partnership’s most concrete achievement, and is therefore extremely important as a signal of international commitment to the region.
Germany will take over as G7 President and MENA Transition Fund steering committee co-chair in 2015. This will be a critical period for the Fund, as it is due to end in December 2015 and needs to reach its capitalisation target if it is to complete its mandate. If the Fund is to be continued into 2016 and beyond, the German government will need to set three priorities for its co-chairmanship: securing sustainable financing, overseeing the implementation of the new results framework, and coordinating stakeholder agreement on priorities for the post-2015 period.

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