Introducing the T20 blog – how to get engaged

Berger, Axel / Hugh Jorgensen
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Published on: T20blog, 03.11.2016


As editors of this blog, we are proud to welcome you to this Think20 (T20) platform for promoting informed policy discussions about the G20. Here, we would like to outline some of our ambitions for this blog, including the type of pieces we will be publishing, the kind of audience we are writing for, and most importantly, how you can get engaged. Now into its sixth year, the T20 community of think tank researchers and university academics has become a fixture within the G20 universe.

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Berger, Axel

Political Scientist


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Nowack, Daniel

Political Scientist 

Olekseyuk, Zoryana


Vogel, Johanna

International Cultural Economist 

Volz, Ulrich


Wehrmann, Dorothea


Gonsior, Victoria


Mehl, Regine

Political Scientist 

Reiners, Wulf

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