Aid and Development Effectiveness

The landscape of actors involved in development cooperation is changing: the classic divide in northern donors delivering aid to southern recipients gives way to a more heterogenous spectrum of actors. Against this background develops the discourse about the effectiveness of development cooperation and policy: from the narrow focus of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of development cooperation (aid effectiveness) to the more holistic promotion of coherent development policies (development effectiveness). The transformation reflects the recognition that efforts to enhance the effectiveness of aid – as one element of development finance only - are most meaningful when they happen within the confines of a broader development effectiveness agenda. Development effectiveness is a reference point for development outcomes – such as poverty reductions - that are the result of various national and international factors. These range from the design of coherent development cooperation strategies, the availability of natural resources in partner countries, to the interplay of external forces, such as fluctuations of global commodity prices. The research focuses on the design of effective development cooperation approaches and their potential to facilitate development outcomes.

Special The Global Partnership on Effective Development Cooperation

In April 2014, international cooperation stakeholders gathered in Mexico for a long-awaited ministerial meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation.

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