Development policy as 'global structural policy'

Project Lead:
Dirk Messner

Time frame:
2002 - 2007 / completed

Project description

Research Question:
Strengthening endogenous development potentials in developing countries is no longer the sole aim of German and international development policy. It is at the same time geared to providing impulses suited to creating development-friendly international framework conditions (e.g. further development of the WTO, the Bretton Woods System), supporting developing countries in their efforts to play an active role in the emerging global governance architecture, coming to effective grips with world problems that are not accessible to solution without cooperation with developing countries (e.g. climate change, stabilisation of the international financial system, migration, transnational terrorism).
The project seeks to work out and identify the challenges that this reorientation implies for the organisations and instruments of development policy, for donor coordination, and for the interplay between development policy and other external policies.

Relevant publications:
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