Financing climate change adaptation in developing countries: incentivising private sector participation

This project looked at the way to finance climate change adaptation in developing countries through incentivising private sector participation.

Project Lead:
Pieter Pauw

Deutsches Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Time frame:
2012 - 2013 / completed

Project description

This project 1) looked at domestic private sector engagement in adaptation, as well as financing and adaptation activities of the international private sector; 2) identified the motivation and modalities of the private sector to engage in adaptation; 3) explored some of the premises of how to create an enabling environment for private sector engagement in climate change adaptation in developing countries.

Current Publications

Dealing with interlinkages: a focused approach for implementing the SDGs and overcoming the COVID-19 crisis

Scholz, Imme / Adolf Kloke-Lesch / Robert Lepenies / Alex Goday-Faúndez / Felix Moronta Barrios / Anet Režek Jambrak / Armand Ketcha Malan Kablan / Tolu Oni / Moritz Riede / Yoko Shimpuku / Teresa Stoepler
External Publications of 01 October 2020

AU-EU partnership to promote sustainable energy transitions

Högl, Maximilian / Gabriela Iacobuta
External Publications of 01 October 2020