German and International Development Cooperation: The Political Economy of Aid Allocation, Future Reform Challenges and Sharpening the Global Agenda

This research project investigates the role of development cooperation and aid allocation from the perspective of donor countries. Against the background of the Agenda 2030 allocation patterns and decision-making will have to adapt and reforms need to be formulated. A stronger focus on evidence can improve the impact of development cooperation.

These challenges will be addressed from a development economics perspective and political economy perspective with a particular focus on Germany and France.

Project Lead:
Christine Hackenesch

Project Team:
Lennart Kaplan
Marschall, Paul

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Time frame:
2016 - 2020 / ongoing



Project Coordination

Benjamin Heil

Current Publications

Do you know about the taxes your government does NOT collect?

von Haldenwang, Christian / Agustín Redonda
The Current Column of 20 January 2020