Transformation of Global Financial Governance

In view of the the 2030 Agenda the project analyses institutions and instruments to achieve stable financial globalisation. The main topics are the prevention and resolution of debt crises, global financial safety nets and multilateral development banks.

Project Lead:
Kathrin Berensmann

Project Team:
Ulrich Volz
Peter Wolff

Time frame:
2016 - 2018 / completed

Project description

For implementing the Agenda 2030 a stable international financial system is crucial enabling sustainable economic growth. The most recent global financial crisis in 2008 has demonstrated that financial stability is a global public good for which industrial countries, emerging markets and developing countries need take responsibility. Against this background the project analyses how to prevent and resolve debt crises. Related to this analysis this project develops proposals to improve the global financial safety net. A further focus is laid on the architecture of the multilateral development banks.


Project Coordination

Anette Koehler-Rahm

Current Publications

Wie die Corona-Pandemie uns zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit motivieren kann

Fuhrmann, Hanna / Kuhn, Sascha
External Publications of 07 August 2020