Governance, Evaluation and the Aid Effectiveness Debate

The institutional analysis of development policy as well as contributions to the aid effectiveness debate belongs to the core competences of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE). It is of particular relevance to consolidate this asset by contributing to the ongoing discussions on the economic and political impact of foreign aid in a changing international environment. Against this background, the DIE research team combines different types of comparative methods with the existing know-how on political structures and processes to advance our knowledge on the impact of development cooperation.

  • Qualitative as well as quantitative (including experimental) methods are used for evaluating foreign aid interventions that are geared towards supporting democracy, state-building and improving good governance.
  • Similar methods are used to analyse intentional as well as unintentional effects of overall foreign aid on the political structures in developing countries.
  • Finally, the DIE research team also relates the attempts of development policies to improve political structures in developing countries with the impact of other foreign policy arenas.

Current Publications

Keeping the promise of Paris

Bauer, Steffen / Clara Brandi
Externe Publikationen of 17 November 2017

Partizipation und Bewertung: weiterbestehende methodologische Herausforderungen

Meyer, Wolfgang / Evelyn Funk / P. Linh Nguyen
Externe Publikationen of 16 November 2017