Innovations for ecologically sustainable development

The project analysed concepts and incentive schemes for sustainable technology development in three emerging countries.

Project Lead:
Tilman Altenburg

Project Team:
Shikha Bhasin
Anna Pegels
Andreas Stamm
Georgeta Auktor
Doris Fischer, University of Würzburg

Time Frame:
2010 - 2012 / completed

Project description

If global warming is to stay below the internationally recognised ceiling of 2°C, the world’s economies have to decarbonise at unprecedented pace. Decoupling economic growth from greenhouse gas emissions requires technology changes and technological leapfrogging in virtually all sectors of the economy. New technologies must be invented; existing technologies must be deployed and disseminated. This requires targeted incentives.

The cases of China, India and South Africa were selected for their relevance for global greenhouse gas emissions in absolute or relative terms. The framework conditions for the decarbonisation of these economies differ widely from those in developed countries: in view of widespread poverty and income inequalities, high and sustained economic growth is a political imperative. Growth rates are often fuelled by abundant and cheap domestic coal reserves. Therefore, the dual challenge of economic growth and decarbonisation is particularly severe.


Project Coordination

Julia Brandt

Current Publications

Shaping the patterns of aid allocation: a comparative analysis of seven bilateral donors and the European Union

Baydag, Rena Melis / Stephan Klingebiel / Paul Marschall
Discussion Paper 22/2018

Linking small-scale farmers to the durum wheat value chain in Ethiopia: assessing the effects on production and wellbeing

Biggeri, Mario / Francesco Burchi / Federico Ciani / Raoul Herrmann
Externe Publikationen of 19 July 2018

The potential of ICT‐supported participatory communication interventions to challenge local power dynamics: Lessons from the case of Togo

Breuer, Anita / Laura Blomenkemper / Stefan Kliesch / Franziska Salzer / Manuel Schädler / Valentin Schweinfurth / Stephen Virchow
Externe Publikationen of 18 July 2018

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