PRSP Implementation and Public Financial Management in Malawi

Project Team:
Participants of the 45th Postgraduate Training Course:
Benjamin Hodick
Esther Kabey
Michael Roll
Stefanie Schnitzer
Julia Ziegenbein

Time Frame:
2004 - 2005 / completed

Co-operation Partner:
National Local Government Finance Committee, Lilongwe

Project description

Research Question:
in German only

Current Publications

Tax expenditure and the treatment of tax incentives for investment

Redonda, Agustin / Santiago Diaz de Sarralde / Mark Hallerberg / Lise Johnson / Ariel Melamud / Ricardo Rozemberg / Jakob Schwab / Christian von Haldenwang
Externe Publikationen of 21 March 2019

The year ahead in 2019: think local when acting globally

Grimm, Sven / Axel Berger
Mitarbeiter sonstige of 19 March 2019

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