Supporting Sustainable Peace

The project "Supporting Sustainable Peace: International support and the role of development policy in the context of violent conflicts" investigates external support for post-conflict countries. It aims at identifying overarching strategies (understood as the sum of means and instruments across all policy fields), which have the biggest chance to contribute to long-term stabilization and establishing sustainable peace orders in these countries.

Project Lead:
Jörn Grävingholt

Project Team:
Charlotte Fiedler
Julia Leininger
Karina Mross

Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Time Frame:
2015 - 2018 / completed

Project description

With the adoption of the Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals (“New Deal” 2011) the political question as to which goals international support should pursue in conflict-affected and fragile states seems settled. Yet, in academia the debate on whether international actors should rather focus on establishing functioning state institutions, security or economic and political liberalization in these types of countries is far from concluded. At the same time, there is little evidence that in practice international support to overcoming violent conflicts and achieving sustainable peace has become more successful today. In particular, substantive evidence is lacking as to which overarching strategies have the biggest chances to contribute to long-term stabilization and establishing sustainable peace orders in these countries and which role development policy can play in this context.

Against this background, the project will:

  • gather and code information on international engagement in (post-)conflict countries and use the QCA method to search for patterns that are related to more or less success (in terms of long-term peace consolidation)
  • combine different methods (statistical analysis, QCA, case studies) and generate substantive evidence with regard to which overarching strategies are most promising for long-term success and which role development policy and certain priority areas of cooperation should play


Project Coordination

Andrea Cordes

Current Publications

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