The Effectiveness of Budget Support

This project is divided into four different subprojects.

Project Team:
Jörg Faust
Ha Hoang, M.A.
Johannes Schmitt

Time Frame:
2008 - 2011 / completed

Project description

subprojects of this project:

a) The economics of effective budget support
b) Evaluation Methods for Budget Support
c) Evaluation of Budget Support in Zambia
d) Budget Support and Efficient Service Delivery in Zambia


Current Publications

Tax expenditure and the treatment of tax incentives for investment

Redonda, Agustin / Santiago Diaz de Sarralde / Mark Hallerberg / Lise Johnson / Ariel Melamud / Ricardo Rozemberg / Jakob Schwab / Christian von Haldenwang
Externe Publikationen of 21 March 2019

The year ahead in 2019: think local when acting globally

Grimm, Sven / Axel Berger
Mitarbeiter sonstige of 19 March 2019

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