The Paris Declaration: evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration; case study of Germany

Project Lead:
Guido Ashoff

Project Team:
Sven Grimm
Stefan Leiderer
Beate Barthel
Nathalie Bouchez
Martina Vatterodt

Time Frame:
2007 - 2008 / completed

Project description

Research Question:
pleaser refer to the German version of this project




Current Publications

Ukraine's unconsidered losses from the annexation of Crimea: what should we account for in the DCFTA forecasts?

Olekseyuk, Zoryana / Hannah Schürenberg-Frosch
Externe Publikationen of 14 January 2019

Pathways for policy coherence in implementation of NDC and SDGs in Viet Nam and the role of civil society

Nguyen, Quynh / Hannah Janetscheck / Gabriela Iacobuta / Adis Dzebo
Externe Publikationen of 14 January 2019

How Brexit affects Least Developed Countries

Olekseyuk, Zoryana / Israel Osorio Rodarte
Briefing Paper 2/2019

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