Political transformation and values

What causes political transformation and what are the basic conditions for democratic change in developing regions? This cluster makes a contribution to research into the relevance of values and the roleplayed by international and transnational strategies for democracy promotion in the change of political orders.

  • Conditions for the change of political orders and governance in developing regions: How do individual values and preferences influence the development of collective values and the formation of political institutions? What is the significance of international factors in this context? This foundation work expands already existing research into governance and the political order in developing regions.
  • Emergence of transnational patterns of governance: How do growing dynamics of transnational governance influence policy-making geared to the common good? New patterns of transnational governance will be identified by examining transnational networks and regional organisations in developing regions.
  • Governance for policy-making geared to the common good and implementing the global Sustainable Development Goals. What governance and institutional reforms are required in order to implement Agenda 2030? The programme contributes to research into policy integration and sectoral governance patterns. One area of focus is on the question of whether efforts to promote sector governance can also impact upon democratisation processes in developing countries.