Resource mobilisation and the common good

What institutional and individual conditions are necessary for mobilising material resources for policy-making geared to the common good in the multi-level system (local to global)? This cluster studies international tax cooperation and decentralisation efforts for resource mobilisation and different state forms.

  • Explanatory factors for effective mobilisation of domesticresources in least developed countries (LDCs) and middle-income countries (MICs). What conditions are needed for mobilising material resources for policy-making geared to the common good? Models of political order and their associated values play as much of a role in this regard as state capacity and transnational actors.
  • Development of a global tax regime. How do we need to shape international cooperation on tax matters in order to support objectives for promoting the common good at national and global level? The research links conditions for international cooperation in club-governance and multilateral structures with the political economy of partnerships between state and non-governmental actors.
  • State decentralisation and the common good. What conditions are required to effectively promote decentralisation and resource mobilisation at subnational level? This cluster expands on the recent development debate on the importance of multi-level approaches as a prerequisite for policy-making geared to the common good, with a view to intertwining policies in a multi-level political system.