Policy Dialogue

Policy dialogue takes place in the form of focussed consultations regarding strategic and political processes in Germany and the Global Development Partners. One of the main focuses of the current programme phase is the G20 process. This is of particular interest because Germany will take over the G20 Presidency from China in 2017. Within the framework of the T20 process (Think 20), the MGG network ensures a broad level of participation by development partners and provides jointly-generated knowledge to the BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) and other German ministries as well as to partner governments and international organisations.

Another key issue of MGG policy advice is the topic of social and environmental standards in global value-chains. Development partners, who criticised these voluntary norms in the past, are now more willing to pro-actively co-shape and implement them. In the context of practice-oriented MGG knowledge cooperation, a productive dialogue between decision-makers from Germany and partner countries has been launched.



Head of Managing Global Governance

Thomas Fues

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