Oslo Workshop on International Co-operation in Science, Technology and Innovation to Address Global Challenges

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Oslo, 18.05.2011 until 20.05.2011

Hosted by The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in collaboation with OECD, the Research Council of Norway as part of the Year of Science and the German Development Institute / Deutsches

Improving multilateral collaboration to address global change

Given the potential of international collaboration in science, technology and innovation (STI) to facilitate quality, efficient, and effective research to address global challenges, the study of what allows for fruitful collaboration is important to consider. To this end, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Committee on Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP) has introduced an initiative with the goal of improving the governance of international co-operation on STI for global challenges.

The work of this project has been delegated by the OECD CSTP to a steering group consisting of delegates from OECD Member and non-Member countries. Members of this steering group and other stakeholders of this project recently met in Oslo, 18-20 May for a workshop on International Co-operation in STI to Address Global Challenges.

As this project moves into its second phase of governance dimension analysis, it will incorporate findings of this workshop, including: the importance of the science-policy interface and the interest of policy-makers therewith; mechanizing frameworks of international collaboration to allow for policy implementation; creating collaborative platforms that are able to detect and respond to emerging issues of global change; and, the decentralization of governance structures to better engage stakeholders and incorporate changes at the micro-level, while allowing for a multi-level and multi-dimensional knowledge transfer process that appreciates the nature of our hetero-polar world. The workshop also noted the importance of research outputs that enable and empower decision makers at all levels, and funding structures that can help to overcome the “Valley of Death” (Stamm et al., 2009). (Stamm, Andreas / Eva Dantas / Doris Fischer / Sunayana Ganguly / Britta Rennkamp (2009): Sustainability-oriented innovation systems: towards decoupling economic growth from environmental pressures? Bonn: Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik / German Development Institute (Discussion Paper 20/2009)

The importance of the consumer in confronting global challenges demonstrates the importance of moving from a technology push to technology pull framework, whereby the educated and informed consumer encourages the deployment of sustainable services and products. This is but one example whereby the need of close cooperation between the physical and social sciences is highlighted, along with a close producer-user interface. The nature of global challenges, and the urgency of confronting them, reiterates the importance of this innovation challenge, and the need for improved frameworks for multilateral co-operation.

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18.05.2011 until 20.05.2011