Urbanizing diseases: contested institutional terrain of water- and vector-borne diseases in Ahmedabad, India

Subramanian, Saravan
Externe Publikationen (2013)

in: Water International 38 (7), 875-887

DOI: 10.1080/02508060.2013.851363

Ahmedabad represents one of the rapidly urbanizing cities in India, where almost all the households in the region have access to drinking-water supply and sanitation, yet it has not been successful in reducing the threat from water- and vector-borne diseases. This is due to the segregation of the settlements, poor urban planning, inadequate land tenure, and more so the inability of the government to meet the growing demand from the rapidly urbanizing population. Addressing such complex problems requires synergizing sector-wide interventions with a stronger role from the state to address the structural issues plaguing urban societies.

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