The diffusion of democracy and human rights

Democratisation and the protection of human rights have typically been understood as domestic phenomena. However, popular commentary on the Arab Spring has included reference to the international dimensions of the diffusion of democracy and human rights that began with the self-immolation of a student in Tunisia and the subsequent spread of political protest, conflict, and transformation currently engulfing the region. This project explores the various international dynamics that drive the proliferation of democracy and human rights in the world

Jörg Faust

Prof. Todd Landman

Julia Bader, University of Amsterdam

2011 - 2012 / Abgeschlossen


Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (IDCR)


The empirical evidence of waves of regime crisis and regime collapse as well as the growing international human rights architecture suggest that the international dimension is more important than usually assumed. 

In cooperation with Prof. Todd Landman and the IDCR we are currently producing a review of the diffusion of democracy and human rights designed to deliver guidance to policy-makers and interest groups concerned with development cooperation, democracy promotion or the protection of human rights.

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