Large scientific studies and advice reports as well as the reports of the country working groups of the Postgraduate Programme run by the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) are being published as “Studies”. The series focuses on regional and thematic issues and always has empirical references. Studies can be downloaded for free from the DIE website. You can also order a hard copy for 10 € by contacting our publication department by e-mail or mail.

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Current Studies

Environmental tax reform in developing, emerging and transition economies

Cottrell, Jacqueline / Kai Schlegelmilch / Matthias Runkel / Alexander Mahler
Studies 93

Deep preferential trade agreements and upgrading in global value chains: the case of Vietnam

Berger, Axel / Dominique Bruhn / Andrea Bender / Julia Friesen / Katharina Kick / Felix Kullmann / Robert Roßner / Svenja Weyrauch
Studies 92

Policies and institutions for assuring pro-poor rural development and food security through bioenergy production: case studies on bush-to-energy and Jatropha in Namibia

Brüntrup, Michael / Katharina Becker / Martina Gaebler / Raoul Herrmann / Silja Ostermann / Jan Prothmann
Studies 90