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Every Monday, the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) comments on the latest issues and trends of international development policy by its Current Column. The column is intended for politically interested readers who want to get a brief overview on the state of German and international development policy.

Current and past issues can be downloaded for free from the DIE website.

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Economic Partnership Agreements: Why have they taken so long?

Hulse, Merran
The Current Column of 24 October 2016

UN summit on housing and sustainable urban development: what is at stake?

Dick, Eva / Maria-Theres Haase
The Current Column of 17 October 2016

From World Hunger Day to World Food Day

Brüntrup, Michael
The Current Column of 12 October 2016

Kooperation mit Afrika – ein strategisches Thema der Kanzlerin!

Hackenesch, Christine / Stephan Klingebiel
The Current Column of 10 October 2016