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Every Monday, the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) comments on the latest issues and trends of international development policy by its Current Column. The column is intended for politically interested readers who want to get a brief overview on the state of German and international development policy.

Current and past issues can be downloaded for free from the DIE website.

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Germany should assume a bigger role in the Middle East

Muhammad, Dilshad
The Current Column of 20 February 2017

Deutschlands Verantwortung neu denken – ab jetzt besser organisiert

Meyer, Lutz
The Current Column of 15 February 2017

Election in Ecuador: A watershed moment for Latin America’s progressive dream?

Heiss, Mona / Angelike Páez
The Current Column of 13 February 2017

Peace agreement in Colombia – what next?

Crncic, Zeljko
The Current Column of 06 February 2017