Briefing paper

Briefing Paper (in German: Analysen und Stellungnahmen) are always four pages long and discuss ongoing and controversial issues in international relations. By including recommendations, the series primarily aims at policy makers, practitioners, and representatives of the (professional) media industry. Besides, the series is also open to everyone interested in developmental issues.

All editions of the series can be downloaded in full text and for free on our website.


Aktuelle Briefing Paper

Introducing results-based approaches in agriculture: challenges and lessons learnt

Janus, Heiner / Sarah Holzapfel
Briefing Paper 2/2017

Expanding oil palm cultivation in Indonesia: changing local water cycles raises risks of droughts and floods

Merten, Jennifer / Alexander Röll / Surya Tarigan / Dirk Hölscher / Jonas Hein
Briefing Paper 1/2017

Green bonds: taking off the rose-coloured glasses

Berensmann, Kathrin / Florence Dafe / Miriam Kautz / Nannette Lindenberg
Briefing Paper 24/2016

Green finance: actors, challenges and policy recommendations

Berensmann, Kathrin / Nannette Lindenberg
Briefing Paper 23/2016