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Governments are desperately looking for ways to fund social policy. But the same governments regularly waive significant tax revenue.


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Development policy must make sustainability and climate change an overarching priority and consistently align its actions in all areas.


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Conclusion:policy implications of ESG–agency research and reflections on the road ahead

Gerlak, Andrea K. / Michele M. Betsill / James J. Patterson / Sander Chan / Tabitha M. Benney / Marie-Claire Brisbois / Thomas R. Eimer / Michelle Scobie (2020)

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Book launch and film screening
Drought challenges – Drought solutions
Bonn, 22.01.2020

Connecting the Dots: Digitalization, Finance & Sustainable Development
Berlin, 27.01.2020

Bonn Water Lecture
Building Better Dams
Bonn, 04.02.2020

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News from within our Institute

Imme Scholz deputy chairwoman of Council for Sustainable Development
DIE’s Acting Director Imme Scholz has been elected deputy chairwoman of the new German Council for Sustainable Development.
22 January 2020

Newsletter issue of the Head Office of the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research/ Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB)

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MGG Academy 2020 - applications are open
7 January 2020

DIE Newsletter December 2019 published

The German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) has become member of Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research
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