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The international community would do well to learn from past pandemics like the Spanish flu. For every flu death back then, four people survived, but became impoverished.

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Photo: Paul Marschall, Author of The Current Column "Coronavirus as an opportunity for international cooperation" Photo: Wulf Reiners, Author of The Current Column "Coronavirus as an opportunity for international cooperation"

The novel coronavirus is keeping the world in suspense. The measures taken by numerous states are having a massive impact.

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How can we make research in the “Global South” more ethical?

Kuhnt, Jana / Lennart Kaplan / Janina I. Steinert (2020)

Sustainability through public procurement: the way forward - reform proposals

Andhov, Marta / Roberto Caranta (eds.), with contributions from Marta Andhov, Roberto Caranta, Tim Stoffel, Jolien Grandia, Willem A. Janssen, Roxana Vornicu, Jason J. Czarnezki, Adam Gromnica, Kristin Tallbo, Olga Martin-Ortega, Lela Melon, Åsa Edman, Pauline Göthberg, Peter Nohrstedt, Anja Wiesbrock (2020)

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Cape Town, 21.05.2020 until 22.05.2020

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It’s the End of the COP as We Know It!
Wuppertal, 26.05.2020 until 27.05.2020

Pension Reform in the Middle East and North Africa
Bonn, 27.08.2020

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Ceremonial inauguration of Anna-Katharina Hornidge as new director of DIE
2 March 2020

DIE Newsletter February 2020 published

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Climate change and migration: How do they connect?

The German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) has become member of Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research
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