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Bonn, 11 June 2018. At a time of growing controversy for tacking the causes of displacement, should we not leverage the potential of remittances sent by migrants to their families?


Bonn, 4 June 2018. Transparent rules and standards are important for ensuring effective climate change mitigation measures.


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ZNE - Zur Nachahmung empfohlen!
Bonn, 18.04.2018 until 15.07.2018

Forced Migration Processes: Trends, Concepts and Patterns
Bonn, 25.06.2018 until 26.06.2018

MGG Alumni Conference
„A Digital Agenda for Sustainable Development – Perspectives from South Africa”
Pretoria, 27.06.2018 until 28.06.2018

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Press release
Dirk Messner appointed head of the United Nations University in Bonn
9 May 2018

examples to follow!
19 April-15 July 2018
Alte Vhs Bonn, admission free

Opportunities for refugees with academic / scientific background
For refugees with academic reference the DIE offers the opportunity to get involved with the Institute’s activities.