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Bonn, 15 October 2018. The desire to limit the number of partner countries is nothing new. The intensification of those relationships has proven to be effective.


Bonn, 8 October 2018. On this year World Health Summit in Berlin it is expacted to set up a new global health framework alongside the 2030 Agenda.


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Risk retention

Horstmann, Britta / Nicola Tollin (2018)

The European Union as international mediator: theoretical and empirical perspectives

Niemann, Arne / Julian Bergmann / Toni Haastrup / Richard Whitman (eds.) (2018)

Boosting non-state climate action in the European Union

Chan, Sander / Jacopo Bencini (2018)

News from within our Institute

Directors of the European Think Tanks Group call for EU engagement in multilateralism
Brussels, 15 October 2018

Dirk Messner departs the DIE in Bonn after 15 years as Institute Director
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6 September 2018

The WBGU presents its new policy paper entitled ‘Just & In-Time Climate Policy: Four Initiatives for Fairness’ to the federal government.
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Opportunities for refugees with academic / scientific background
For refugees with academic reference the DIE offers the opportunity to get involved with the Institute’s activities.