MGG Academy

The Managing Global Governance (MGG) Academy brings together participants from rising powers of the South and from Europe to participate in a dialogue and advanced training programme. Its overarching purpose is to support the development of future ‘change-makers’ who can address global challenges and dedicate themselves to transformational change.

During the 3 ½ month course, the young professionals from government bodies, policy-oriented think tanks, research institutions and NGOs discuss pressing global challenges, explore options for global governance, and design solutions for the future.

The Academy is based on the premise that future change makers need profound knowledge of content and the ability to analyse complex interdependencies as well as personal and social skills. The course thus blends knowledge components on global governance challenges with the development of the participants’ leadership competencies. In an action-oriented component, participants apply the knowledge and competencies they have acquired and develop a collective change project.  

The working methods include academic discussions, visits to institutions and field trips, exchange with professionals working in the field of global governance, practical experience and participatory approaches as well as self-guided project work. Since diversity is one of the key assets of the programme, ample space is given for learning from each others’ experiences and perspectives.

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